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Case Study

Designing an IT Operations Operating Model to Meet the Needs of a Rapidly Growing Organization


An innovative and leading biopharmaceutical company sought to mature its IT Operations operating model. Our team delivered a current-state assessment, operating model vision, and implementation roadmap to enable the organization to expand its capabilities, improve service delivery quality, and streamline operations.


The IT operations team at a rapidly growing biopharmaceutical company was experiencing significant challenges. Over the last several years the company had grown in size and complexity and its technology footprint had expanded considerably. The IT operations team was struggling to keep pace with demand and provide the level of support needed to ensure regulatory compliance and quality service levels to its customers.

To address these challenges, the company engaged us to assess its current IT operations operating model and design a future state operating model which would enable more effective, efficient, delivery of compliant, high quality operations services.


Satori Solution

We launched a three part project in order to meet the client’s needs. First, a current-state assessment that included 40+ stakeholder interviews across the organization was executed to understand key challenges and areas of opportunity. Next, our team worked with a core client working team to conduct visioning work to establish the goals and structure for the mature operating model. Finally, we developed an Implementation Roadmap that detailed a two-year plan in order to realize all suggested operating model enhancements.


Through this project, our team was able to deliver a clear and complete analysis of the client’s current state. This alleviated built-up operational tension that had begun to have a detrimental impact on the organization. With this complete evaluation, the client was empowered to redesign their future model – to incorporate best in class operational enhancements and at the same time maintain their unique organizational culture. Lastly, the implementation roadmap provided the concrete mechanism needed in order to execute the complete operational maturity optimization.


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