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Case Study

Managing a Large Scale Testing and Test Automation for System Implementation


We managed a large-scale testing initiative for an HRIS system implementation designed to recreate multiple months of real payroll within the new system. It included designing the test cases, managing the testers through a challenging timeline, and leveraging Robotic Process Automation to increase accuracy and efficiency.


A leading global financial services firm was implementing a new cloud-based HR solution. The client planned to recreate three months of real payroll in the new system which required entering thousands of transactions and utilizing data feeds from many other departments. The client needed support to design the test including how to frame the test cases for maximum efficiency while maintaining data integrity, how to enter the test cases most efficiently, and how to track and triage the resulting issues identified.

Satori Solution

We worked with the IT department to understand how the transactions appeared in the legacy system. The team then mapped out how to provide the transactions to testers in a way that fit the new system with the minimum required data. A bespoke tracking system was designed and put in place to protect the security of the production data while clearly defining each test case and who owned it.

Our team ensured each tester was trained on how to use the new system and specialized where possible to improve accuracy and efficiency. We then distributed test cases in small, predefined batches to ensure the transactions were entered in the correct sequence. We recognized the benefit of Robotic Process Automation for some basic use cases where high volume low complexity transactions were required. We developed the automation to enter test cases to minimize risk and maximize efficiency of the testing.


Our team also provided governance for reporting and tracking issues identified during testing. We worked with the downstream consumers and various technical teams to identify the root cause of each issue and prioritize them for resolution and retesting.



We successfully leveraged manual and automated testing to complete the massive testing effort within the time allotted and with better than expected accuracy. The test cases were entered completely and in the correct order necessary to recreate payroll. All issues identified during testing were reviewed and resolved. The test results were integral in meeting the planned cut over date for the new system



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