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Case Study

Employee Special Investments – Offering Stats Revamp


Satori worked with a specialized division of the human capital group of a Fortune 100 financial services firm to eliminate certain types of manual reporting, cutting nightly reporting burdens down from 3 hours to 1 hour.


Satori’s client, a Fortune 100 financial services firm, had a unique group within the Human Capital Management division, Employee Special Investments. The role of this team is to administer private equity funds to employees of the firm, fee free. They launch 3 or 4 funds per year and during fund launches collect nightly reporting statistics for senior management. This reporting shows how many employees are participating in the funds, how many dollars etc. The nightly reporting would go on for about a month and a half and was extremely manual, taking about 2-3 hours/day.


Satori Solution

The Satori team worked with the team to understand the business requirements and identified why the reporting was so time consuming. There were key gaps in the data coming from Business Objects that needed manual intervention. Satori proposed a short term solution of creating a Macro to correct these issues and a long term solution of re-designing the Business Objects report itself to remove these errors.


Satori implemented the new report and brought the nightly reporting down from about 3 hours to 1 hours per night. This new solution allowed for more flexibility from the team who would be asked for the data ad hoc and so was therefore able to turn it around more easily in those scenarios. Satori also identified areas for improvement in the report’s dashboard and added in more cuts of the data that are now used in regular meetings with senior management.


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