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Case Study

Managing the Payroll Parallel Testing for HR System Implementation


We worked with the human capital group of a Fortune 100 financial services firm to manage the testing of new human resource systems and their implications on surrounding systems. Successful testing identified issues, which we organized by severity and tracked for IT to fix.


An industry leading financial services firm was rolling out new human resources systems. Testing was required to ensure the system correctly fed information downstream to payroll. The payroll department requested production parallel testing where the new system was used to issue payments identical to previous payroll cycles. The client required assistance to make sure everything used in the test matched what happened in production. We were used for its experience with human resources systems and software development testing.

Satori Solution

Satori provided a strategic plan for ensuring all the data needed was identified. After identification, the data was sourced and loaded into the test environment through mass data loads and manual transactions. The manual transactions were organized and coordinated for efficiency. The system was tested in sequence to ensure any discrepancies were easily reconciled.


Our team able to ensure the complex testing required was conducted efficiently and thoroughly. The defects were identified, organized by severity, and tracked for IT to fix.


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