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Case Study

Planning and Implementing a Global Culture Transformation


We drove the cultural transformation of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations. We partnered with the client to strategically map and track progress, utilizing formal change management tools and company engagement initiatives to ensure a smooth, visible and exciting transformation.


A global pharmaceutical company faced the loss of exclusivity of its blockbuster drugs as well as regulatory and pricing pressures. Given its new reality, the firm’s CEO focused on a short list of business imperatives: fixing its innovative core, maximizing its capital allocation, and gaining greater respect from society. Human resources engaged us for assistance with the fourth imperative: To plan, build, and implement an ownership culture that would underpin the attainment of the other three imperatives.

Satori Solution

We project managed the development and administration of a global survey to gauge perceptions about the current culture and the firm’s employee value proposition. We then spearheaded the structured development and launch of a global culture model which defined, embodied and clearly communicated the values and principles that comprised the new culture.

To foster transformation, we structured its strategy around three core perspectives: The individual, the group and the outsider. With this understanding, we guided the development of an alignment change management strategy that spurred global culture transformation. The strategy was anchored on 3 pillars, aligning organizational processes, aligning capabilities and driving alignment and awareness among senior leaders, managers and all employees. Specifically, we program managed the portfolio of enterprise culture initiatives that supported the transformation effort including the planning and execution of a global culture day which celebrated achievements, fostered awareness and as a result built momentum for further culture and behavioral change.

There were several related initiatives that were part of culture transformation which aligned with the values embodied in the new culture. For example, we assessed and redeveloped the client’s employee value proposition (EVP). In this instance, the client EVP revolved around individual empowerment.


Our approach provided structure to the multi-year change management effort and successfully drove global awareness. We partnered with the client to implement a global culture transformation strategy and developed yearly strategic plans for the enterprise-wide change management initiative. We capitalized on strong support from the client’s CEO and senior leadership team to spur organic change to generate momentum on the front lines and change the organizational stories, leading to long-term change. We served as a trusted advisor in the effort to change colleague behavior and facilitate the achievement of critical business imperatives.


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