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Case Study

Planning For Day One Merger Integration Success


We worked with a leading biopharma to execute organizational and operational planning in preparation for a major merger.


Our client, a top global biopharma, was preparing to merge with a peer company in one of the largest deals in the industry in a decade. The Research and Development IT (R&D IT) organization was undergoing significant internal organizational changes while at the same time preparing for the integration and ensuring unwavering support of the business as it continued to work on critical clinical development milestones. We were asked to provide strategic guidance and program management support to stand up an integration preparation program to ensure R&D IT successfully delivered on its integration and business-as-usual commitments, and to prepare its people for success in the merger and beyond.

Satori Solution

We began by working with our client to define the Integration Preparation program. We helped client leadership align on four key objectives:

  1. Ensuring business continuity
  2. Providing full clarity on technology assets R&D IT is responsible for
  3. De-risking the broader IT integration preparation effort by initiating an early start on data collection and analysis
  4. Ensuring R&D IT colleagues are optimally prepared for success in the future

We structured and launched the program on behalf of our client, initiating four workstreams to manage the work. The Asset workstream described the R&D IT portfolio of technology related investment. The Portfolio Analysis workstream analyzed the portfolio and provided recommendations for improved efficiencies resulting from the merger. The People workstream focused on training and coaching colleagues through the integration, ensuring maximum personal opportunity and minimum business disruption. The Innovation workstream formalized R&D IT’s innovation capability and showcased key talent’s involvement. We drove day to day progress towards milestones across all workstreams, providing program management and execution support.



Our support enabled our client to meet all four of its objectives for the integration preparation program. Business continuity was maintained, allowing our client to deliver on key commitments to patients and shareholders throughout the integration. Our client’s teams and people were optimally positioned for success through the integration and beyond.


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