Point of View – Achieving HSE Goals in the Oil and Gas Industry

The impact of catastrophic and routine accidents continue to have a significant impact for most Oil and Gas organizations by affecting downtime, productivity reduction and adding unforeseen cleanup costs. Traditional Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) process reengineering and culture efforts have had some success. However, the industry still records that over 50% of all accidents and incidents are caused by human error. Our HSE behavior alignment method specifically tackles human error by focusing on how people execute their work and how they adhere to HSE systems and proceeded by implementing behavior change interventions. Our approach is unique in two ways: first, we complement broad HSE programs by focusing on implementing change in moments that really matter, where HSE is most important; secondly, we drive behavioral change by making sure the working environment itself drives change, for example through aligning incentivisation tools, processes, technology and structure. Relying on communications and training is not enough. What should be the impact to your organization if everyone always adhered to HSE and operational processes?

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