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Case Study

Providing Acquisition Research Support


A financial advisory and corporate finance company needed market research support for a prospective client specializing in hazardous medical equipment and safety support services within the oil and gas industry. This company attributed much of its growth to acquisition and was looking for opportunities to swiftly and strategically expand its business portfolio. In addition to acquisition advice, the client required fundraising expertise as part of a broader investment strategy.

Satori Solution

We met with the client to fully understand the crucial operating and business parameters required to conduct the acquisition research. This discussion revealed the client’s strategic direction, geographic preferences, and business and service offering deficiencies. Based on the research criteria provided, we designed a data collection framework and a scoring algorithm to guide the research process. With a research structure in place, our team identified potential acquisition targets by conducting a robust research exercise across multiple resources and documented these results in a comprehensive acquisition target database. We used key insights about the competitive landscape obtained in the research process and applied the scoring algorithm to analyze and prioritize the set of selected service companies from the database. We also continuously engaged the client to ensure alignment of selected companies to the overall investment advisory strategy and pitch.


We offered detailed profile descriptions of prioritized potential acquisition targets and outlined the associated benefits to the client, enabling the client to make a well-informed decision on acquisition.


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