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Case Study

Providing Change Management Training & Certification


A business information and analytics service provider for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries planned to transform the way it went to market with the implementation of an integrated sales approach and a global customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The client wanted to develop training and communication plan to support the on-going effort to engage sponsors and stakeholders in thoughtful change management.

Satori Solution

We analyzed the change readiness of each segment of the CRM user base, taking into account tool usage and leadership engagement. We also identified the competencies and skills from the client’s performance management and professional development programs. This approach provided a direct line of sight from corporate strategy to individual processes and roles. We then helped the client improve the effectiveness of training by focusing on the numerous training channels and reorganizing content into modules linked to each role’s responsibilities. To augment the client’s existing training materials, we created a set of learning experiences targeted toward specific audiences and needs. We also crafted specific guidelines and standards to guide the development of new training initiatives and materials. Further, we created communication and messaging plans to build understanding and drive adoption of capabilities being introduced or enhanced. Finally, to encourage continuous improvement and measurement, we designed an executive-level balanced scorecard explicitly linked to training and key messages.


We created a Manager’s Playbook consolidating the recommendations, approaches, and tools developed over the course of the project. This helped the client to standardize and implement the on-going integrated CRM change program and to transform client-facing teams.


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