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Case Study

Rolling Out an Online Learning Program


We helped our client successfully establish an online presence by introducing effective techniques for managing change and weaving them into the fabric of a newly-established transition team.


Our client, a state university, had identified the creation of an online campus as the key to increasing overall enrollment, by virtue of its appeal to non-traditional students. While some constituents within the university accepted that the development of online course offerings would contribute to the university’s long-term sustainability, some faculty members were resisting the change. In addition to developing a strategy that would increase adoption, the university needed to adapt key processes to fit the needs of remote students.

Satori Solution

We began by advising our client on best practices in change management and created a customized toolkit to support its needs. As the newly-formed change management team gained confidence in the domain, we created a larger task force that would extend the change management program across the campus. Next, over the course of analyzing documenting many of the university’s processes, we identified gaps in the course enrollment, course scheduling, and student advising processes. We then designed potential process improvements and created mechanisms for testing their viability in the university environment.


After increasing awareness and support of the online campus, our client was able to launch a pilot e-learning program that increased online enrollment by 100%. Our tools and approach positioned it to move more course offerings online in the near future.


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