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Case Study

Implementing a Search and Collaboration Platform


A global biopharmaceutical leader found that its R&ED data assets and knowledge capital generated by researchers resided in a variety of locations and formats, hindering the ability to share and leverage this information across the organization. The data science group initiated the development of a custom, secure and cloud-based solution leveraging open source tools, enabling researchers to search and locate data assets across the various data repositories/sources. We project managed this in-flight initiative.

Satori Solution

We provided the project management for this important initiative and quickly formed productive relationships with client stakeholders and vendors. We partnered closely with the vendor and  held them to increased levels of accountability and transparency. We shaped the deployment plan as well as the change management approach


We successfully shepherded the development of the pilot and first general release to the global R&ED community, along with appropriate training, support and feedback mechanisms.  This platform provided access to internal data assets and knowledge that hereto before was nonexistent.


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