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Case Study

Supporting Organization’s Transformation by Enabling Business Re-engineering


We worked with a top publishing company to enable their “Rapid Reinvention Process.”


A top media publishing house wanted to develop and implement an approach that would enable reinvention of their management, organization, and processes. Our client aimed to institutionalize the reinvention approach to encourage innovative thinking, cost adherence, quality products/services, and shorter time-to-market. Another focus of the organization was to establish and maintain an environment for change that would enable smooth implementation of ideas generated through their “Rapid Reinvention Process.”

Satori Solution

We understood the need to get buy-in from our client’s executive leaders for successful adoption of the Rapid Reinvention approach. Our team identified project sponsors, decision-makers, influencers, and other advisors to gain insight on the leaders (participants), their motivations and personalities. We also conducted one-on-one pre-meetings with the specific individuals to build credibility, introduce the approach, and prepare the ground for a productive discussion.

To institute change management, our team designed tools and templates to help our client’s teams think creatively. We aided the process of change management by identifying broad area(s) based on opportunity size, probability of success, and receptivity to change. We facilitated kick-off meetings, performed high level analysis, developed a risk-mitigation plan, and involved our executive sponsor in change management meetings to ensure engagement from team members. We also devised a mechanism to discuss potentially time-consuming or toxic issues offline, ensuring maximum productivity.



Our ability to secure commitment from senior leaders played a crucial role in institutionalizing the Rapid Reinvention approach. We also ensured the successful implementation of the change management process across the organization. These changes have yielded long-term results for the organization.


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