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Case Study

Supporting Post-Acquisition Integration


A Fortune 50 financial services institution had recently purchased the global operations of a major European bank, and quickly moved to integrate the newly-purchased Latin American operations into the core banking functions of the group. The client sought to create a Project Management Office (PMO) to support various in-progress efforts in the Latin American Integration Program. The development of a major global financial crisis complicated the effort to integrate the newly-acquired division.

Satori Solution

We started by defining the PMO structures already in place, and leveraging them to create a refined PMO that was responsible for managing all aspects of program execution. We identified the key stakeholders that needed to be updated on a regular basis and created a steering committee that oversaw the PMO and ensured consistent, thorough communication around its activities. Our consultants led the PMO in defining, managing and tracking milestones and deliverables from different work streams. We also managed all risks, issues, actions and dependencies during the integration project.


The financial crisis necessitated that the client drastically modify its post-acquisition strategy and expectations. The flexibility of our PMO allowed the client to respond to unexpected changes and effectively re-prioritize initiatives to be in line with new organizational objectives. We ensured that the integration program met goals in a timely fashion and minimized negative impacts on dependent business functions.


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