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Case Study

Tax Credit UDA SDLC


A large financial services client became eligible for a new tax credit, and needed to create an application to prepare the client to claim the credit. Satori worked hand in hand with the client’s development teams and stakeholders to deliver this application.


The tax act signed into law in December 2017 established a new employer credit for which our client is eligible. As the tax credit is determined by a multitude of qualifications, a manual calculation would have been challenging and prone to human error. The client needed an automated solution to calculate the tax credit for the annual earnings report. Satori was used for its experience with human resources and SDLC.


Satori Solution

Satori project managed the Benefits and the Automation team to deliver a user defined application (UDA) that calculates the tax credit for Tax division. Satori worked with multiple stakeholders to integrate federal and state policies with the client’s Benefit programs and determine the tax credit eligibility requirements. Satori then managed and executed the creation of a UDA. This included designing the calculation process, creating the UDA logic, performing UAT, and tracking progress throughout. Lastly, Satori also managed the operational transfer by communicating to stakeholders, holding working sessions, and creating process documentation.


Satori successfully delivered a stabilized UDA and transferred the operational process to another division. The UDA minimizes risk of incorrect tax reporting for tax audits.


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