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Case Study

Upgrading Systems for Managing Regulatory Compliance


We helped our client better manage its compliance with regulatory legislation by improving systems, consolidating data, and developing reporting mechanisms.



A leading global investment bank needed to implement a new platform for managing the processes and controls required by Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislation. At the same time, in response to growing demand from its global workforce, the client wanted to establish a real-time reporting system that would provide users with standardized operational and management reports. The initiatives required that data stored in a variety of systems be collected and consolidated into a new data warehouse.

Satori Solution

We gathered business and system requirements and translated them into a Systems Architecture for a new SOX Administration platform, including functional, information, and integration blueprints. We performed an evaluation of vendors for the new system and advised the client throughout the selection process. Once a vendor was selected, we supported the migration of the SOX Administration application and helped develop a new data warehouse. For the reporting platform, we identified the features and functionality necessary for a next-generation solution, designed a new system, and assisted with the rollout by providing training to a group of global users.


The new SOX Administration system gave our client the confidence that it could maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines. Furthermore, the success of the reporting solution across regions and divisions caused the client to consider expanding the number and variety of reports offered.


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