We help clients maximize their working capital. Increased working capital can be leveraged to realize the full value of opportunities and exceed strategic expectations.


Organizations need capital on hand to innovate, grow, and achieve success.  Industry changes, competitive positioning, and relationships with suppliers and customers can make it difficult to manage working capital and ensure resources are available for critical initatives and ongoing operations. Satori has a depth of expertise in working capital to ensure maximum availability of working capital.

Our Approach

At Satori, we create value for clients through working capital improvement programs.  We compliment our knowledge of working capital with our capabilities in program and project, risk, change, and performance management.

We break down our methods for improving working capital into three main areas:

Cash to Quote
Procure to Pay
Order to Ship

What we Deliver

Satori has a full suite of tools and processes to improve all areas of working capital. We understand that with the scale of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory for many of our clients, even a small change can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Satori drives improvements to working capital with:

  • Portfolio Segmentation
  • Issue management
  • Supplier and Customer Risk Assessments
  • Performance Metrics and Tracking
  • Inventory Management