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Our approach is based on the innovative yet pragmatic insight of our industry experts and practitioners.

Point Of View Excerpts – The Talent Toll

Question: What are typical patterns of behavior for talent management in tough times??  Gegenwarth:  … During economic downturns, managing attrition […]

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Point Of View – The talent toll: How to avoid an exodus when the market recovers

In response to the difficult economic climate, many organizations made a concentrated effort to lower costs by reducing investments in […]

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Satori kicks off 2009 AIMC annual conference

Ever since our initial partnership with the Association of Internal Management Consultants (AIMC) in 2004, we have been recognized as […]

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Satori demonstrates higher ed procurement assessor at EACUBO

The area of procurement is an untapped source of cost-savings and operational efficiencies for most institutions. As part of their […]

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Satori keynote speaker at agency’s annual retreat

Satori Managing Partner, Charles Harkless, delivered the keynote address on Change Management to an internal service group of a multi-lateral […]

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Satori awarded five-year GSA MOBIS schedule contract

On June 17, 2009, we were awarded a five-year Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) Schedule Contract by the US […]

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Satori introduces IT efficiency assessment

IT Leaders are under extreme pressure to shrink budgets and deliver services that support the rapidly changing needs of their […]

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Fight the liquidity crunch with your balance sheet

Increasing revenue and decreasing costs are traditional ways to improve cash flow. Unfortunately, the results can be limited by economic […]

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