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Our approach is based on the innovative yet pragmatic insight of our industry experts and practitioners.

Point of View – Four Ways Agile has Influenced Our Practice

At Satori, we believe agile software development concepts have broad applicability to the way projects are managed across the enterprise. […]

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Point of View – Achieving HSE Goals in the Oil and Gas Industry

The impact of catastrophic and routine accidents continue to have a significant impact for most Oil and Gas organizations by […]

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Contagion: Fact or Fiction?

The movie Contagion has stirred up tremendous controversy over the likelihood of a pandemic. The fact is our globally connected […]

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Talent management in a recovery market

Today, many organizations are experiencing low levels of employee engagement and morale as a result of layoffs and an extended […]

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Point of View – Smart thinking beyond the grid

Rising consumer awareness, mounting regulatory pressures and increasing financial sense are leading energy and utility firms towards the adoption of […]

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Point of View – Making the most of what you have

In this challenging economic climate, government agencies, like private-sector organizations, need to make tough choices between two or more “must […]

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Point of View – Transforming IT in Energy & Utility organizations

Energy & Utilities organizations face the challenge of funding investment to balance supply and demand whilst maintaining a focus on […]

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Satori working with Dolphin Lane and Barnard College to help women excel, collaborate and lead

Satori Consulting will be working with Dolphin Lane and The Athena Leadership Lab at Barnard College this winter to deliver […]

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Preparing for flu season: is your organization ready?

2009's unexpected emergence of the H1N1 virus (swine flu) underscored a need for organizational resilience in the face of disruption. […]

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